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We are pleased to announce our next FEN Member Meeting, the first in 2022! Please, join us on Wednesday, 15th June 2022, from 10-12:30pm EEST (UTC+3), just before Futures Conference 2022 in Turku, Finland begins.

FEN Meeting at the Futures Conference – June 15, 2022

Wednesday 15th June (10 am – 12:30 pm) Time zone EEST (UTC +3)
Virtual Meeting: Please register here:

1st Session (60’) – #OurFutures: Images for the future of Europe
10:00 – 10:10 Welcome & introduction to FEN – Epaminondas CHRISTOFILOPOULOS, FORTH-PRAXI (10’)
10:10 – 10:40 Making sense of turbulent times – how can foresight actions help? check-in discussions in small groups (30’)
10:40 – 10:45 Report back in chat (5’)
10:45 – 11:00 Update on Our Common Futures project – Erica BOL, JRC (12’)
UN Common Agenda and the Millennium Project RealTime Delphi – Jerome C. GLENN, THE MILLENNIUM PROJECT (3’)

2nd Session (75′) – The Future of V4 and EU in 2030: Sustainable Innovation Pathways towards post-COVID recovery
11:00 – 11:10 Trends, enablers, blockers of sustainable development: results of the Delphi survey and EU development scenarios – Anna SACIO-SZYMAŃSKA, 4CF The Futures Literacy Company (10′)
11:10-11:15 Explaining group exercise
11:15:12:00 Group exercise: Development pathways for the V4 region in the context of EU development scenarios (45′)
12:00 – 12:15 Report back (15′)

Summary session (15′)
12:15 – 12:25 Update on membership process – Nicolas BALCOM-RALEIGH, Finland Futures Research Centre (10′)
12:25 – 12:30 Wrap-up and farewell – Epaminondas CHRISTOFILOPOULOS, FORTH-PRAXI

Download full agenda in .pdf:

To maximize the possibility for our members across Europe to attend, this meeting will only be held online.
The FEN meeting is free but registration is needed. To attend, please register here:
The meeting is organized by the Foresight Europe Network in collaboration with the Millennium Project, the V4 2030 project, and co-funded by the Visegrad Fund.

Contact Information (meeting)
FEN Vice-President
e-mail to:

Contact Information (FEN)
FEN Communication Officer
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A second Foresight Europe Network annual meeting will take place in October 29, 2021, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm (CET) in Berlin, as a side event of the 24th World Futures Studies Federation Conference of which FEN is partner.

FEN meeting at the 24th WFSF conference – Oct. 29, 2021

A second Foresight Europe Network annual meeting will take place in October 29, 2021, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm (CET) in Berlin, as a side event of the 24th World Futures Studies Federation Conference of which FEN is partner.

Join the meeting to learn about foresight activity in Europe, meeting foresight collegues and sharing ideas for future foresight work.


The agenda of the FEN meeting is the following:

4.00, Welcome, Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, FEN President
4.15, Keynote Speech,
‘Fostering long-termism as a lever for systems change and climate action: Roles of futures literacy and foresight, Marco Carreira Silva, Innovation Coordinator, Long-Terminism Deep Demonstration, EIT Climate-KIC
4.35 pm, Interactive Activity, #OurFutures project (JRC), Wendy Schultz & Epaminondas Christophilopoulos
5.00 pm, Discussion in smaller groups: What foresight actions could we undertake to promote long-termism among leaders and citizens?
4.30 pm, End of Meeting

Register at

Discover more about the 24th WFSF conference at

Foresight Europe Network (FEN) Annual Meeting 2021

Foresight Europe Network (FEN) Annual Meeting 2021, 7 June 2021 at 14:00–16:00 EEST, UTC+3 (13:00–15:00 CET)


Learn about foresight activity in Europe, meet other foresight makers, and share your ideas for future foresight work. Free and open to all.



14:00 Welcome: Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, FEN President

14.10 Key Note Speech:”A Renaissance of Strategic Foresight:  Opportunities for the Road Ahead” ,  Jake Sotiriadis, Chief, Strategic Foresight and Futures Branch, US Air Force

14.25 Key Note Speech: Riyong Kim, Head of Natural Capital and Ecosystems, Programme at European Environment Agency

14.40 Small Group Discussions (3–5 participants per group)

15.10 Breakout groups reports (2–3 min per group)

15.30 Jerome C. Glen, Co-Founder and CEO, The Millennium Project

15.45–16.00 Closure: Nick Balcom Raleigh, FEN Vice-President

Check out the recording of the keynote speeches:


Virtual meeting, November 26, 2020

INVITATION: FEN annual virtual meeting

Special focus will be drawn upon the newly published, by the European Commission, first Annual Strategic Foresight Report:charting the course towards a more resilient Europe, while over 25 FEN members will provide updates on current initiatives around Europe. The meeting will conclude with the three keynote speeches providing global outlook to the European context of the meeting.

For the agenda of the event and Zoom links, please click here.

The EC report can be found here:

We look forward to welcoming you at the FEN annual meeting.

FEN Team

29 – 30 May 2019 in Lamberton Conference Centre, Warsaw area, Poland

FEN-meeting in Poland

November 8th

FEN-meeting in Florence

The meeting will take place in Florence, November 8th, from 10 am to 5 pm. As always, we aim to create an opportunity for foresight practitioners from Europe to network with each other, learn from each other, and develop shared activities. We feel we have put together a great programme, for example including inputs from the EU-JRC foresight team (Fabiana Scapolo / Eckhard Störmer) and Dr. Emanuele Fabbri, Tuscany Region. I would already like to thank them as well as all others who are contributing, and especially our hosts ValueDo for providing such a great location.

More info on the agenda and practical matters (hotel options, locations etc.) are attached, as well as our general info on FEN. There will also be a dinner on that day and the evening before.

In order to proceed with the preparation, we need feedback from you (it will only take 2mins): 

If you will attend the meeting, please register here:

You’re welcome to also share the invitation with colleagues who might be interested (please just make sure they register), and we hope many of you can join us!

With kind regards,
Cornelia Daheim

17th International Futures Conference / 11–12 June 2015 / Finland Futures Research Centre and the Finland Futures Academy / Turku, Finland

Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems

“Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems” is an international forum for the philosophies, methods, ideas and concrete examples to find out what is going on in the field of futures research, education and action. The aim is to harness the views of preferable futures and methods for reaching them. The participants in the conference will work collaboratively discussing research, initiatives and projects to gather various views and compose ideas to face future challenges.

The conference will consist of keynote lectures, parallel sessions and participatory workshops. Our aim is to generate multidisciplinary, lively and productive discussions, as well as promote networking among participants from different backgrounds. In this conference the tradition meets new ways of participation: academia meeting activism and experience meeting enthusiasm.

For more information please visit:

European Millennium Project nodes gathering

II. Foresight Europe Network – FEN meeting

Members of the new European foresight initiative – Europe Foresight Network (FEN) will gather in Turku, Finland, to discuss European Millennium Project nodes futuristic activities and future FEN activities. Thematic workshops will cover presentations and discussion on:

  • Future Work and Tech Study of the Millennium Project,
  • Futures Studies research quality,
  • Futures Studies and regional development,
  • European Union Horizon 2020, and
  • The Future of Europe.

Seminar / 25-29 May 2015 / University of Houston in partnership with The Destree Institute / Houston, USA

Houston University Certificate in Strategic Foresight

The Strategic Foresight program is offered as a 5-day, project-based, face-to-face workshop.

Participants learn to anticipate disruptive change and work towards the creation of transformational change, in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities.

Participants will receive 4 CEUs for attending, and can obtain the certificate if they complete a project within a given number of weeks after the program delivery.

Providing professionals with tools to help navigate today’s constantly changing business environment and create a positive future for their communities, regions, enterprises and themselves.

For more information please visit:

Conference / 7-8 May 2015 / Ludovika Campus of NUPS and Andrássy University Budapest / Budapest, Hungary

ceeeGov Days 2015

A new European extra-territorial data protection regulation forthcoming, Germany’s leading Internet Service Providers implementing national Internet routing, France and Germany calling for a “European Internet”, … These are just some of the responses to a seemingly endless flow of revelations of privacy violations and intrusive activities from outside (and at times inside) the European Union. But how can such a “Europeanized” Internet work, what are the political, technical, legal and organizational challenges? And if it is feasible – is it also desirable or rather a detriment to economy and innovation? What are the repercussions on government infrastructure and digital services already in place?

For more information please visit: