Members & Competences

Foresight Europe Network includes more than 335 individuals who are active or interested in foresight and futures-related work. Many members are affiliated with the European Nodes of the Millennium Project.

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The following is a partial list of the larger Foresight Europe Network. The individuals appearing on this page have positively indicated they wish to be publicly listed as network members.


Nathalie Aubourg, NAAU, Vienna
Competences: creative facilitation, design thinking, systems thinking, design, hackathons, low-key approach to enable bottom-up climate action for sustainable and regenerative futures

Victoria Cygne Lara Toriser, Hensholdt Analytics, Wien.
Competences:   Situational awareness; OSINT information gathering; OSINT Workshops;foresight workshops; scenarios and strategies; comprehensive security; strategic management; continual foresight.

Elli B. Tzatzanis-Stepanovic, FFG-Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna
Competences: Certified futures thinking specialist (IFTF), Horizon Scanning, Delphi, Participatory Foresight, Design Thinking.



Millennium Project Node contact:
Ms Reyhan Huseynova, PhD, Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, Baku


Belgium Millennium Project Node contacts:

Mr Philippe Destatte, The Destree Institute, Brussels
Competencies: Regional Foresight, Governance, STI Policy & Industry, Corporate Foresight

Alex Fotescu, Brussels
Competences: Trends & weak signals, scanning {environmental, horizon}, social & political roadmapping, scenarios development, complexity & systems analysis, strategic foresight, geo-economic / grand strategy cross-impact analyses.

Laurent Bontoux, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Competences: Foresight for policy, scenario exploration system, scenario building, foresight training

Thomas D’hooge, Teach the Future, Bruges
Competencies: futures literacy

Dan Schreiber, Université Libre de Bruxelles (, PolyCIVIS (, and Resilience Insights, Brussels
Competences: International development, humanitarian coordination, and multilateral diplomacy, strategic foresight, scenario planning, policy development, inter-agency planning, policy analysis, complex systems analysis & management, conflict analysis, resilience engineering.
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Lucia Vesnic-Alujevic, Brussels
Competencies: strategic foresight, scenario planning, serious games


CROATIA / Hrvatska

Mr Kristian RavićSenior Advisor at the City of Zagreb
Competences: Service design, technology roadmapping, scenario planning, business process management, change and innovation management.

Emira Becic, Freelancer, Zagreb
Competences: STI statistics, SDG statistics, Education and training statistics, regional development.


CZECH Republic, Prague

Millennium Project Node contact:
Mr. Ondrej Pokorny, Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Competences: Horizon scanning, Megatrend analysis, Delphi, Scenario workshops

DENMARK / Danmark

Bugge Holm Hansen, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Copenhagen
Competencies: We conduct targeted research and support decision-making in organisations globally through scenario planning, megatrend & risk analysis, innovation processes, & strategic foresight.

Jacob Langvad Nilsson, Applied Futures, Copenhagen
Competencies: Futures Research and Design Thinking



Millennium Project Node contacts:

Dr. Sirkka Heinonen, Professor emerita, Director of FFRC Helsinki Office, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku
Competencies: Scenarios and methodologies, cities, learning, crisis awareness

Dr Juha Kaskinen, Director, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku
Competencies: Strategic foresight, sustainability, regional development, in house training

Abius Akwaake, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku
Competences: Visualization, Strategy, Communication, Sub-Saharan African perspective and narratives

Nick Balcom Raleigh, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku
Competences: Futures Literacy; Transformation; Complexity; Climate Innovation

Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku
Competencies: Scenarios, Amazonia, Sustainable Futures, Socio-politic-environmental dynamics

Iryna Gerasymenko, Finland Futures Research Centre

Sanna Ketonen-Oksi, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Competences: organisational futures orientation, foresight systems, transformative foresight, innovation ecosystems

Marianna Mäki-Teeri, Futures Platform, Somero
Competences: Strategic foresight, Futures Studies, Foresight Capability Development 

Elisa Oinonen, Helsinki

Minna Pura, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Kirkkonummi
Competences: Strategic Foresight, Scenario work, Futures workshops, Teaching and Learning

Martyn Richards, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku, Turku
Competencies: Futures Literacy, Transformative Learning, Participatory Methods, Action Research

Nathali Seneviratne, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku (, Turku
Competences: Youth Futures, Futures Literacy, Sustainable Futures
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Risto Sivonen, Helsinki
Competences: Strategic foresight (corporate, technology), long term public decision making, research on strategic management.

Ivan Stephanus Alidjaja, Digital Business Management – Master Programme – Lapland University of Applied Science, Joensuu
Competences: Customer foresight, customer centric knowledge, explorative future scenarios.

Sari Söderlund, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku, Turku
Competencies: Futures Studies, Corporate Foresight

Amos Taylor, Researcher, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku, Helsinki
Competences: Participatory futures research, futures workshops, delphi study, policy imaginaries, and future generations.

Tero Villman,  Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics – University of Turku.
Competences: Futures Studies, Strategic Foresight

Veli Virmajoki, Finland Futures Research Centre – University of Turku
Competences: Future of Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Futures Research

Siyada Witoon, Finland Futures Research Centre – University of Turku, Järvenpää
Competences: Futures Studies, Foresight, Long-term thinking, University strategies

Samira Yaghouti, Finland Futures Research Centre
Competences: Future studies, Futures of English Language Teaching

Jimena Califa, EXT (, Helsinki
Strategic Foresight, Participatory Futures and Service Design



Millennium Project Node contacts:

Ms Saphia Richou, PhD, Prospective Foresight Network, Paris

Mr Daniel Kaplan
, Plurality University Network
Competencies: Fiction, arts, participatory

Ute Hélène von Reibnitz, SCENARIOS + VISION, Vence
Competences: Facilitation of foresight projects, workshops, seminars in all business sectors in English, French and German.

Maybritt Jill Alpes, Ghent University, Paris
Competences: Futures literacy, participant observation, mixing creative and qualitative research methods, migration and refugee studies, fieldwork experience in West Africa, external European borders and Lebanon


GERMANY / Deutschland

Millennium Project Node contacts:
Ms Cornelia Daheim, Future Impacts Consulting, Cologne
Competencies: Foresight Capacity Building; Foresight Gaming; Foresight Studies

Dr. Bernhard Albert, Foresight Solutions / Advanced Foresight Group, Frankfurt am Main
Competencies: Scenario planning, participatory foresight, scientific analysis, designing of futures

K. Christoph Keller, Prognos AG (; FU-Berlin (; Zukunftswissenschaft (Blog) (
Competencies: Technology futures, Innovation, Corporate Foresight, Serious Play in foresight, Evaluation of foresight, Data-based foresight, Empirically founded scenarios, stochastic modelling, and impact analyses

Professor Heiko von der Gracht, School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Steinbeis University, Herrenberg
Competencies: Scenarios, Delphi, maturity models, foresight

Dr. Guenter Clar, c3-solutions, Stuttgart
Competencies: Technology Assessment, Strategic Foresight, Evaluation, Open Innovation, Policy Design, Quadruple Helix cooperation, Intercultural Innovation Management, Regional/Innovation System Development, International Cooperation, Technology & Innovation & Knowledge Transfer, Cluster Strategies, European Union Programmes & Processes

Miquel Banchs-Piqué, Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation, Göttingen
Competencies: Evidence-based foresight, Future scenarios, Trend analysis, Data scenarios, Analysis of scientific plausibility of scenarios, Research.

Sebastian Bollien, Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik (BAKS) / Federal Academy for Security, Berlin
Competencies: Policy Foresight Methods, Seminars, Government Foresight, Futures Lab, Security Policy

Dr. Mariana Bozesan, AQAL Integral Investing, Club of Rome International, Munich
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Hanne Caspersen, Member of Association of Professional Futurists, Hamburg
Competencies: Foresight, trends research (weak signals, qual, quant), network mapping, system maps, uncertainties, wild-cards, explorative scenarios, implication analysis, backcasting.

Kai Gondlach, PROFORE Gesellschaft für Zukunft mbH, Leipzig
Competences: Keynotes, Delphi studies, scenario workshops, scenario projects, foresight academy, scientific publications.
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Björn Jacobsen, Hochschule Stralsund, Lübeck.

Simone Kimpeler, Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), Karlesruhe

Oliver Lauenstein,, German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin
Competences: Horizon Scanning, Scenario Design, Agile Methods

Christoph Mokwa, ion3, Berlin
Competences: Sustainability in SCM,  foresight strategic management,
critical visioning.

Stefanie Ollenburg, associate researcher / PhD candidate at HBK Braunschweig (Braunschweig University of Fine Arts) Insitut for Designresearch
(; teaching staff at Freie Universität Berlin Master Zukunftsforschung (; and co-founder ZUKÜNFTE Network (
Research, Critical Futures Studies, Futures Literacy, Facilitation, Communication, Education, Transformation Design

Sabine Reitmaier, Frankfurt
Competences: Design Futures, Critical Future Studies, Seeds of change, Natures Futures, Unlearning and de-biasing.

Caroline V. Rudzinski, Futurist, Berlin

Simon Schmitz, DLR Project Management Agency, Cologne
Competences: Horizon/Environmental Scanning, Trend Analysis, Delphi method, Futures Wheel, Scenario building, Visioning, Backcasting, Roadmapping, Stakeholder Involvement, Strategy development & monitoring

Eckhard Störmer, Future Impacts, Munich
Public and corporate foresight, speculative design, serious games.

Dr. Karlheinz Steinmüller, Z_punkt GmbH The Foresight Company, Berlin
Competences: History and methodology of foresight, and science fiction

Lena Tünkers, Consultant, Düsseldorf
Competences: Futures Literacy, Speculative Futures, Experience Design, Facilitation

Franziska Turber, Arup, Munich / Berlin
Competences:Strategic and design-led foresight, holistic analytical and co-creative foresight methods and techniques, transformation and policy advisory, regenerative futures, cities, built environment.

Andreas Weßner, Institut für Technologie und Arbeit (ITA), Kaiserslautern

Dr. Simone Weske, DLR Projektträger, Cologne
Competences: Horizon/Environmental Scanning, Trend Analysis, Delphi Method, Futures Wheel, Scenario Building, Visioning, Backcasting, Roadmapping, Stakeholder Involvement, Strategy Development

Egbert van Wyngaarden,, Munich
Competences: narrative foresight, futures literacy, storytelling futures

Justine Walter, Digital Impact Labs Leipzig GmbH, Leipzig
Competences: Strategic Foresight; Scenario Planning; Futures Literacy in Organisations

Maria Matthäus, LXD & Beratung, Berlin
Competencies: (smart) learning design, futures literacy, conception, training, consulting, facilitation

Sabine Koppe, Berlin
Competencies: Experience Design, Emergence Facilitation, Speculative Futures, Foresight Trend Research

Marina Schmitz, EDC-Bled School of Management & Polymundo AG, Hürth;


GREECE / Ελλάδα

Millennium Project Node contacts:
Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, PhD, UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, Thessaloniki
Competences: Strategic foresight, futures literacy, serious games

Stavros Mantzanakis, Lead Innovation Expert, One Stop Liaison Office, Region of Central Macedonia
Competences: regional foresight, innovation strategy, horizon scanning
Emmanuel G.  KOUKIOS, Research Group BIOTOPOS, National Technical University of Athens, Athens
Competences: Management of technology and innovation; strategic intelligence of technical change; development of policy- and decision-support systems, i.e., (A) Technology assessment, evaluation, foresight, policy analysis, and (B) Sustainability analysis and optimal design of complex socio-technical systems.
George Profitiliotis, affiliated with UNESCO Chair on Futures Research in Greece, Athens
Competences: Strategic Foresight, Future(s) Thinking, Anticipatory Governance

Akis Kalamaras, University of Thessaly, Volos
Competences: Regional Foresight


HUNGARY, Budapest

Millennium Project node contacts:
Ms Erzsébet Nováky, PhD, Corvinus University of Budapest

Judit Gáspár
, Associate Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
Competences: Participatory and reflexive methodologies; higher education; organisational/corporate foresight 
Márton András, Corvinus University of Budapest,  Instanbul
Competences: Sustainable development, Energy, Electromobility, Finance, Horizon scanning

ICELAND / Ísland

Millennium Project Node contacts:

Karl Fridriksson, The Icelandic Centre for Future studies, Reykjavik
Competencies: Scenario planning, future thinking, foresight activities in strategy and innovation

ITALY / Italia

Millennium Project Node contacts:

Mara Di Berardo, PhD, The Millennium Project, Bologna
Competences: participatory methodology, communication, project management and reporting, facilitation 
Prof. Simone Di Zio, University “G. d’Annunzio”, Chieti-Pescara
Comptetencies: Futures Research Methodology, GIS, Real-Time Spatial Delphi, Statistics

Joice Preira, Speculative Design Hub at Italian Institute for the Future, Trento.
Competences: speculative and critical design methods, participatory methods, futures literary labs, scenarios.

Marita Canina, Politecnico di Milano, Milan
Competences: Design Futures, Creativity, Digital Creativity, Scenarios building
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Tatiana Efremenko, Ideactivity – Dipartimento di Design del Politecnico di Milano, Milan
Competences: Design Futures, Art-tech innovation, Spatial Futures, Spatial Equity
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Letícia Fachini, Consultant, LetmePix, Rimini
Competences: Design, innovation, services, trend, hype, Futures Wheel, Mood board, Human centered design, Futures Triangle, facilitation, workshop, ethnography, shadow/ a day in the life, Opportunity_Radar, futures workshop’s, scenarios, research.
Matteo Ficara, Happiness for Future SRL, Macerata
Competences: imagination, purpose, meaning, philosophy, critical thinking, well-being, organizational models, writer, inspirational speaker
Murillo, Albanez, Futures Design Hub Leader at MJV, Ragusa – Sicily
Competences: Strategic Foresight, Futures Design, Trends, Research Innovation, Service Design.
Gaurav Chadha, Indian Institute of Technology – Dehli, Milano
Competences: Interaction and graphic design, design thinking process

LUXEMBOURG / Lëtzebuerg

Sylvain Cottong, Exploring Futures, Dudelange
Competences: Strategic Foresight, Futures Literacy, Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation, Innovation management, Strategy development, Process facilitation



Erika Vaiginiene, Consultant, Lithuania 2050, Vilnius
Competences: Foresight methodologist, Workshops moderator, Policy and trends analysis.



Millennium Project Node contact:
Mr Milan Marić, S&T Montenegro, Podgorica



Millennium Project Node contacts:
Erica Bol, Teach the Future, Ulvenhout AC
Dr. Berill Blair, PhD, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen
Competences: Simulation-gaming; participatory modeling; socioeconomic scenarios; futures literacy
Peter VanderWel, Dutch Future Society, FutureVision, Amsterdam
Competences: Professional Speaker and Futurist
Dr. Seren Dalkiran, PhD, Synergized Earth Network (SEN), Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL), Amsterdam
 Foresight, Innovation, New Paradigms, Complexity Science, Leadership & Organizations, NextGen, Future of Education and Work (researcher, adviser, public speaker, trainer and facilitator)

Alberto Manuel Fernandes Dias, Long Now Foundation; Speculative Futures Amsterdam; WFSF;  La Futura – Bussum
Competences: Trend scanning, Trend Impact Analysis, Scenarios, Long-Term Vision. | | |

Dennis Luts, Next Step, Amsterdam

Northern Ireland

Beth McEvoy, Queen’s University, Belfast
Competences: Horizon scanning, strategic foresight, scenario building, social & political roadmapping, sustainability, technological developments, citizen science and futures.


Roger Strand, European Centre for Governance in Complexity (ECGC) –
University of Bergen –, Bergen
Competences: Uncertainty, Complexity, Post-normal Science, Governance in Complexity
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POLAND / Polska

Millennium Project Node contacts:

Norbert Kołos, 4CF The Futures Literacy Company, Warsaw
Competences: reducing avoidable surprises, development of foresight tools and methods, futures literacy, corporate foresight, futures studies, strategic foresight, scenario planning, foresight gamebooks, delphi, diffusion of innovations

Anna Sacio-Szymańska, PhD, 4CF The Futures Literacy Company (; Polish Society for Futures Studies (, Radom
Competences: Futures research opportunity identification; Foresight knowledge creation & application in organizations; Futures workshops design and facilitation

Kacper Nosarzewski, 4CF The Futures Literacy Company, Warsaw
Competences: scenarios, delphi, online experiences, online workshops, sustainability, defence, policy, energy

Piotr Jutkiewicz4CF

Łukasz Nazarko, Bialystok University of Technology, Białystok
Competences: Responsible Research and Innovation, Technology Assessment, Innovation Policy, Scenario Methodology

Joanna Jaworska
Competences: Foresight analysis, research and analysis, writing reports and articles

Maciej Jagaciak,  Polish Society for Future Studies, Warsaw
Competences: development of methodologies, future systems analysis, future systems’ development, workshop design, foresight methods design.

Andrzej Klimczuk, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw
Competences: Research and Analysis, Writing reports and articles

Zofia Dębska, Polish Society for Future Studies, Warsaw
Competences: Designing foresight studies, designing analytical and foresight processes, building comptences in the future domain, developing scenario methods, designing delphi studies


PORTUGAL / Portugal

Millennium Project Node Contacts:

Susana Escária, Secretary general for environment, Lisbon
Competencies: Foresight planning in environment and climate action

Lydia Caldana, Future Resources, Lisbon
Competences: Strategic Foresight, Policy Design, Horizon Scanning, Foresight Training, Urban Futures, Sustainable Futures, Socio-politic-environmental Dynamics, Innovation Ecosystems, Participatory Methods, Maturity Models, South-To-South Cooperation, European Union Programmes & Processes, Workshop Facilitation, Unlearning and de-biasing, Roadmapping, Stakeholder Involvement, Global challenges, Strategy development and implementation, AI-supported foresight, Systemic Thinking

Thays Prado, Feminist Futures ), Lisbon
Competences: Storytelling, Futurism, Feminist Futures, Gender Equality


ROMANIA / România

Millennium Project Node contacts:

Professor Adrian Pop, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Political Sciences, Bucharest
Competencies: Futures Studies and International Relations; Strategic Foresight and Geopolitics; Anticipation and History; Megatrends; Trend Impact Analysis; Scenarios

Mrs Elisabeta Florescu, The Millennium Project, Arad
Competencies: Geopolitics, megatrends, SOFI, security

Sabina Chiaburu, Bucharest/Bucuresti
Competences: policy and program evaluator.


RUSSIA, Moscow

Millennium Project Node contact:
Ms Nadezhda Gaponenko,Institute for the Study of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISS RAS)
Competences: Global challenges, technology foresight and innovation systems, digital transformation

SERBIA / Србија / Srbija

Millennium Project Node Contact:

Ljubisa Bojic, The Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia and University of Belgrade, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Digital Society Lab, Belgrade
Competences: Artificial Intelligence, Futurology, Foresight Expertise, Communication Science, Social Theory, Humanism, Metaverse, Techno-Feudalism, Digital Society, Ethical Standards, AI Policies, Recommender Systems, Public Good, Digital Identity, Human Values, Global AI Policies, Digital Humanism.

Tihomir Divjak, AeLeHSP, Belgrade
Competences: Initiatives for the satellite multipurpose broadband systems for Smart City and Smart Region use.
Recent action is the implementation of “Satellite Schools” in Sub-Saharan Africa, AeLeHSP Pilot Project in Nigeria, as smart multi-service bridge for the UN SDGs realization in a developing countries.

Maja Adamović, AD Elektromreza Srbije, Novi Sad
Competences: Power industry, Power engineering


SLOVAKIA, Bratislava

Millennium Project Node contact:
Mr Ivan Klinec, council of the Slovak Society for Future Studies / Institute for Forecasting, Slovak Academy of Sciences

SLOVENIA / Slovenija

Millennium Project Node contact:
Blaž Golob, GFS Institute, also chair of South East Europe Millennium Project Node), Ljubljana

Blaž Branc, Maribor
Competencies: Contingent thinking

Vesna Kuralt, GFS Institute, Ljubljana
Competences: Sustainable leadership, digital anthropology, smart communities


SPAIN / España

Millennium Project Node contacts:
Ibon Zugasti,
PROSPEKTIKER, S.A. Parque Empresarial Zuatzu Edificio Urumea, San Sebastián

Jose Cordeiro, The Millennium Project, Madrid
Competences: Transhumanism, Singularity, Immortality

Rodrigo Dal Borgo, PhD, Bilbao
Competences: Anticipatory governance, Strategic foresight practice and research, Systems thinking, Public policy analysis
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Héctor Casanueva, Millennium Project Chile Node contact, Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy, Madrid
Competences: Teaching and Research on Strategic Foresight, International Relations, Globalization and global challenges.

Ignacio del Corral Gonzalo, GIASP SL, Madrid
Competences: Improving the strategic foresight skills.

Sandra Martinez, Smart Connections (and APF, FUTURES4ALL, FUTURES4EUROPE), Madrid
Competences: Foresight and Futures Thinking Training. Facilitating workshops, Research and consultancy in Technology Foresight.

Javier Miguel, Futuros Deseables, Madrid
Competences: Futures Thinking and positive impact with the Scenario Planning.



Millennium Project Node contact:
Mrs Adrienne Sörbom, Professor of Sociology, Stockholm University
Competences: Analysis, context and future contents

Daniel Bengtsson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Gothenburg
Competences: anticipation, governance, policy, transition, sustainability, futures literacy, futures studies

Jocelyn Ibarra, The Time Travel Agency (operating in Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Spain, and Italy)
Competences: Speculative design, futures design, critical design, AI, web3, blockchain, game design, editorial design, rapid prototyping, teaching.

Marina Matteoni, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (, Stockholm
Competences: Strategic foresight, scenario analysis, horizon scanning, futures literacy, participatory foresight
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Björn Persson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (, Stockholm
Competences: scenario planning, participatory foresight, sustainability transitions, decision-making
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Paul Graham Raven, Lund University (as affiliate researcher), Tomelilla kommun (futures analyst), freelance consultancy, Malmö
Competences: Critical futures, foresight theory, narrative prototyping



Matthias Honegger, Perspectives Climate Group, Zurich
Competences: Climate change and governance of human responses to it. Electric and autonomous vehicle adoption. Interaction of public policy with human values.

Elaine France,  Flow In Action and Flourishing Futures Collective, Le Chable
Competences: Strategic Foresight for Flourishing Futures, Futures Literacy, Sustainable Development, Innovation – Social, Open, Radical, Humanitarian, Circular Economy, Climate, Entrepreneurial Education, Youth Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship, Multi-Stakeholder Engagement, Well-Being Economy, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking.
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Millennium Project Node contact:
Mr Alper Alsan, Siemens Turkey, Istanbul

Besir Wrayet, JFS Futures, Grey Swan Guild, London Futurists, Istanbul
Competences: Foresight, Futures Thinking, Crisis Management, Counter-Terrorism, International Security, Devil’s Advocate, Training, Collaboration, Social Justice
Professor Gülsün Kurubacak Çakir, Anadolu University (, Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University (, Ankara
Competences: Technology Foresight, Transhumanism, Risk Intelligence, Metaverse, Immersive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Life-long Learning, Human-Centered Communication and Learning Design
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Professor Serhat Çakır, Baskent University, Ankara
Competences:Technology foresight, STI Policy, Technology roadmap.

United Kingdom

UK-London Millennium Project Node Contact:

Bruce Lloyd, London
Competences: Wisdom.

Competences: Technology, Foresight, and Nuclear.

Deacon, University of Surrey & Orbital Bloom, London
Competences: Scenario design, prototyping, immersive design, workshop facilitation, data workshops, ethnography, sonic methods

Yuna Lee, University College London, London
Competences: Public Policy & Governance, Futures & Foresight, Strategy, Creativity, Global Governance & Innovation

Josef Hargrave, ARUP, London
Competences: Corporate foresight, innovation management, strategy development and implementation, design futures.

Elliot James, London RSSB (Futures Lab), United Kingdom
Competences: Strategic foresight; emerging risks; resilience building; AI-supported foresight; participatory workshops; scenario planning; long-term adaptive strategy development.

Professor Peter Madden, OBE, Cardiff University, Vivid Futures, Bristol
Competences: Futures for cities and the built environment. The whole futures toolkit. Lecturing, writing, consulting.

Tobias Revell, ARUP, London
Competences: Design futures, storytelling, critical futures, technology foresight, socio-technical imaginaries.

Pavlina van Rooyen,  Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow
Competencees: scenario planning, strategic planning and foresight.

Minna Takala, London
Competences: Foresight, Scenarios, Personas, Trends, Participatory approach, Co-design, Design Thinking, Collective Imagining


Beyond Europe…


Millennium Project Coordinating Office:
Jerome C. Glenn, Executive Director, The Millennium Project, Washington, D.C.
Competencies: Global Futures Research, Futures Research Methodology, Concepts of long-term futures

Lavonne Leong,  Association of Professional Futurists, Honolulu, Hawaii

Yul Anderson, African American Future Society, Conyers, Georgia
Competences: Afrofutures, Diaspora Futures, Foresight, Future of Black America


Amine Aouissi, Associate Professor, UFAS1, Setif
Competences: Analyst and economic prospectiviste.


Argentina, Mendoza

Millennium Project Node contact:
Javier Vitale, CEP CUYO
Competences: foresight, observatories, territorial and agri-food planning.


Michelle Newell, The Storytelling Business ( , Melbourne
Competences: Innovative Schools, Scenario writing, Storytelling
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Paulo Robilloti, Co-coordinator of the Master in Trends & Futures Studies at ESPM, Sao Paulo
Competences: Stratetic Foresight applied to Emerging Economies, Economic Development



Lauren Thu, OneEarth Living & SFU SIAT Masters Student, Vancouver, Canada
Competences: Futures, Speculative Design, More-than-Human Design, Sustainability


ISRAEL, Tel Aviv

Millennium Project Node contact:
Mr Aharon Hauptman, Dr., Zvi Meitar Institute, IDC Herzliya
Competences: Technology Foresight, Delphi, Wild Cards 


Lenin Trujillo, Externado de Colombia a Master Deegre in Future Studies
Competences: Being a Masters Degree Student



Arndt Husar, Asia Development Bank (ADB)
Competences: Public sector, government, institutional change, international development, sustainable development, Asia, Pacific.


Chichilanov Valeriy, Bangkok
Competences: Innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, foresight, futures studies, creativity